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Expert Civil Litigation Service in Chatham

James E.S. Allin and his full support staff will work hard to protect you in all matters of civil law. Have you been denied your rightful benefits following a car accident? Do you have a claim against an estate for a contested or invalid will? Talk to the team with over four decades of trial experience and get the resolution you deserve.

We offer you vigorous protection from car crashes to wrongful dismissal in all general civil litigations. Protect your rights with an experienced team dedicated to your case.

The Law Firm of James E.S. Allin Provides Civil Litigation for the Following:

  • Personal Injury
  • Accident Benefits
  • Insurance Claims
  • Wrongful Dismissal
  • Estate Litigation
  • Civil Lawsuits

Contingency Fee

We do accept retainer by way of contingency fee.
Our maximum contingency fee percentage is 33.3%.

Call today for all your civil litigation needs.